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Games thrill us and make for fun times. Room games include games like foosball, table tennis, snooker etc. These are some of the most favorite games around the world. Some of these games like foosball and table tennis require quick decision-making skills and swift reflexes while games like snooker require critical thinking and planning in advance.

Like with anything, practice makes one perfect so start playing your favorite room game with a friend and hone your gaming skills. You can purchase some of the best room games on at the best prices.

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Foosball Table

Rs.15,000 Rs.8,398 44.01%

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Billiard Table

Rs.6,000 Rs.4,448 25.87%

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Mini Billiard Table

Rs.5,000 Rs.2,898 42.04%

Sale Sold Out
Sale Sold Out
Mini Soccer

Rs.4,000 Rs.2,179 45.53%

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Huang Guang's Ping Pong Table

Rs.6,000 Rs.4,209 29.85%

Sale Sold Out
Mini Foosball Table

Rs.8,000 Rs.5,298 33.78%

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