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Ties & Cufflinks

Buy Men's Ties & Cufflinks Online in Pakistan

A common accessory for cufflinks for men add class to any formal attire and make men look sharp. offers a large variety of ties & cufflinks for men to keep you dressed smartly for any occasion.

Looking for the right cufflinks for yourself which will go with your every suit and tie is not easy and you might not know where to start. Finding the perfect cufflinks for men in Pakistan can be a daunting task when you’re not entirely sure what sort of cufflinks you’re looking for. Often ignored,  can add those extra little details that set someone apart from the crowd. Cufflinks come in many shapes, colours and styles, ranging from multicolour circles and squares to simple tones in even animal shapes. From understated to unique, there are endless options to choose from. It isn’t an easy task though. Buy Men’s Cufflinks Online are sure to please any guy and guarantee he’s the most sophisticated man in the room. Adding the right cufflinks to a suit is a small way to stand out in the crowd.


Simple Back

Simple back cufflinks have a flat head, a straight post that flips completely flat against the post. They are very simple, and their large post and closing mechanism make them easy to use. This is probably the most common type of cufflink on the market.

Button Style

These type of cufflinks have no axis tool. Instead, they have a large head, a straight post, and a minor, interior head. The minor head is slanted which is worked through the buttonhole and then flattened out to lock it in place. Once in place, they are fairly locked, and the lack of moving parts makes them very robust.

Chain Link

Chain best cufflinks for men have two heads which can be linked by a short length of very thin chain. This creates a slightly looser clip than other styles, with a visible ornament on both sides of the closed buttonholes. It is more visual than others.


Knot cufflinks are similar to chain link ones but with two heads linked by a short, elastic length. They are made of soft fabric material rather than metal, and the heads are ornate knots. The irregular exterior of these cufflinks makes them a more casual style, mainly when several colours are implicated.

Ball Type

Ball type cufflinks have a curved post with a smaller but heavy ball opposite the ornamental head. They provide a slightly looser clip than hinged cufflinks, but they can be much tighter than the chain ones. They can be expensive too because they can be made invaluable metals, as the size and weight of the ball add significantly to the material cost.The most noticeable role for cufflinks is the formal and semiformal substitute for buttons. If you’re wearing a suit with a white tie or black tie outfit properly, it will have links to the cuffs and cufflinks for men are the right options to go with it.

That’s hardly the extent of their wardrobe usefulness. Shirts ranging from plain white business dress to colourful and casual options come with French cuffs, or with single cuffs with holes on each side rather than a button and a buttonhole. If you fancy formal suiting then you must own a collection of cufflinks in your closet drawer.