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There is an ever growing inclination towards Online shopping in Pakistan with numerous websites offering millions of goods the world over. This movement has picked up pace in Pakistan in recent years and there is aggressive rivalry among such websites. Online Shopping in Pakistan has never been easier as people can painlessly compare products and buy them from the convenience of their home. Payment on delivery is the preferred method of purchase for online shoppers as it is the safest way to get their desired product. Some websites however do charge a fraction in advance for the more costly items and the advance payment is made via bank transfer or easy paisa. The delivery is free of cost on most websites that are at the vanguard of this craft. Delivery time is around 2 to 3 days for most websites that have the customers wanted product in their inventory

By shopping online customers can also at times get discounts on products. There are sales year round on the most popular website and Pakistan has started the global trend of having a super sale day in the month. This was an enormous success for Online Shopping in Pakistan as the discounts on many products during this sale are unmatched. Almost anything that one can purchase in the local market is available on online shopping websites. Many sites also ship products directly from and ship to customers in Pakistan within a few weeks. So now anyone can buy anything from the world over.